Scenario For Fresher Jobs In Current Relatively Slow Indian Economy

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India has the second-largest population in the world and is ranked third in the annual world GDP contribution. This implies that India is making progress fast & at the right pace. However, according to the statistics, India will have almost 20 million unemployed people by the end of the year 2019. With so many people being unemployed, unemployment is a serious issue for Indian economy. The Indian job market is in the stagnant stage with an unemployment rate of almost 5.29%. This is because the economy is generating fewer jobs per unit of GDP.
The rate of unemployment in the youth of age 15-24 is almost 10.7% in the year 2019. This is because of the lack of high-quality vocational education and skills which are required to ensure that a person will end up getting a decent fresher job which let him/her earn a decent amount of income. To make an identity in this throat cutting competition, freshers have to develop & update them with necessary skills and also put themselves forward in front of an employer in the most professional manner.

In this article, we have shared all that a fresher should do in order to get a good job in this current scenario of tough competition and slow Indian economic condition.
How To Get A Job As A Fresher
To get the first job especially in the slow economy of India, a fresher is required to take into consideration certain things which are mentioned below:

  • Modify Resume & Cover Letter According To Job Description - Instead of giving forward generic resume to every recruiter, tweak your resume as per the job description so that it contains all the information that a recruiter is looking for. And most importantly do not forget to get your resume reviewed and proof-read.
  • Utilize Your Networks - Networking is a crucial kill to get a job. There are online platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter where professionals connect with each other. These networking platforms provide you the means to put yourself in front of professionals including HRs & recruiters.
  • Job Fairs and Career Events - Job fairs give freshers an opportunity to meet the employers and put themselves in front of them. They should not forget to carry their latest resume and/or cover letter with them. Moreover, they should not hesitate to do a follow up with employers after attending the job fair.
  • Reference and Recommendation Letters - Reference and recommendation letters let an employer know about the background and experience of a candidate. However, a fresher doesn’t have any experience in hand, so her/she may ask for a recommendation letter from his/her mentor, which mentions his/her capabilities for a certain job that her/she is applying for.
  • Get Certified - Various training platforms offer industry-recognized certification courses and skill assessment tools so that fresher can find a suitable job. Yes, Indian employment is indeed in its stagnant condition. However if a fresher is actively doing a job search, then sooner or later he or she will land up getting one quite soon.

We have enlisted various ways by which a fresher may find a decent job quickly.

How To Find Jobs For Freshers
Following are the various ways to do job search for fresher in this very competitive employment market:

  • Utilize Job Portals - There are several job search portals where the employers or recruiters post their job vacancies in order to find a suitable candidate for their firm.  There are some job search sites and apps, which are specifically, designed for entry-level jobs or fresher jobs, for instance, Just.Jobs, Freshers World or Internshala. Freshers just need to register themselves on these sites and then search for & apply on jobs where employers are ready to hire freshers & the job profile is suitable to them.
  • Company Career Page - If freshers are interested in working with (a) particular company or companies, then they can visit the companies’ official site. Every company site has a career page or current vacancies page. Freshers are required to fill in the online job application form available on the site or email resume to the HR Department on the email address mentioned over the site.
  • Job Referral - Job referral is where a professional recommends a candidate for a job opening in its own or any company. Some of the companies also have an Employee Referral Incentive Program, where an employee who refers a candidate for a job vacancy in his/her company gets an incentive. A total win-win situation.
  • Walk-In Interviews - Another great way to find a job for fresher is by attending the walk-in interviews that are conducted the companies to find a suitable candidate for various job vacancies in their company. It gives a good opportunity for freshers to get introduced to the potential recruiters. For walk-in-interview, there is no prior appointment. The job seekers are required to visit the company office on a pre decided date and time slot. Even if you do not pass through the whole process of placement done by walk-in interview, it will surely get you habitual with the interview process and environment.
  • Shoot Emails - You can get email details of recruiters & HRs via various job boards or companies’ sites. And contact them to let them know that you would like to work with them. Then wait for few days and later do the follow up with them.
  • Freelancing to Success - In this highly competitive employment market, getting a suitable job for you is a tedious task in itself. Therefore youth is taking the path of freelancing to self employ themselves and to build a promising career on their own. Freelancing is surely not the easiest career anyone can opt for, however, this option of career path is still a better option than being unemployed.

Indian market is in it’s most stagnant stage at the present moment. However the number of jobs generated and number of people employed has not changed. It is sure that the rate of unemployment has increased over the past years, but it does not mean that there are less job opportunities available in India.

In fact more number of jobs are generating with time which includes jobs generating via advancement in technology & startup culture in India as well as Government of India supporting the same. The current job scenario is that if you have skills and a cutting edge over other candidates, you can get a job. However freshers need to work towards it to get their job search game right. So fresher should get themselves vocationally trained by completing an industry oriented course and also get their job search game right with the right job search sites such as Just.Jobs.