Top 5 Foreign Countries most suited for Studying abroad

13 November 2020

Top 5 Foreign Countries most suited for Studying abroad

Every year more than 200,000 Indian students embark on foreign soil for starting their learning curve. Completely unknown foreign cultures, environments, and modern lifestyle await them. Students make a lot of efforts from choosing a specific course, applying, traveling, and then start their next part of life. Still, the path for studying abroad has various perspectives. Especially choosing the right country, college, and course that will help them to realize their potential. Choosing a country is the first step, and students must be aware of the challenges it presents to prepare precisely.

Top 5 international destinations for Indians to study abroad

Students who are in the selection dilemma for choosing the country and colleges they can get precise assistance from Study Abroad Consultants in India for getting a prioritized list and information for colleges to match with skills and preference.

Here are the top 5 countries that are suited for studying abroad and can help you gain additional benefits for the developed nations.


Canada is among the first choices for study and work in international arenas. And with more than 14% of Indian students in their curriculum, you are assured with a thriving environment to enjoy life. And with a multicultural society, Indian students will always relish the chance of studying, earn, and live in Canada.

Modern lifestyle and Global level of education

Canada, as a developed country, offers numerous opportunities for youngsters to enjoy a lavish lifestyle while studying. In terms of social and economic prosperity, Canada ranks second in the world in offering students a path, learning curve, and opportunities to scale their careers in the right direction.

Canada also boasts of a top-notch level of premier colleges and universities. These education institutes offer highly attractive courses and programs based on the best industrial practices. Thus offering students a more practical approach for improving their career opportunities.


Germany has also gained a lot of popularity in the last few years for Indian students. And with their highest level of education and free college programs, international students can compete with the world’s best at their educational institutions.

Research and Scholarships

Germany has known for its superior technological superiority with a focus on research and development. Studying in Germany also opens up possibilities to work and earn in the top global level companies.

There are also various scholarship programs that students can apply to get preferential treatments. DAAD offers special programs for Indians and helping them to build a more strategic relationship with the country.


Australia in the last decade has become the hub for Indian students looking to start their learning curve in foreign soil. Especially with ease in the visa application procedure and financial requirements. You also have the various exclusive right with New Zealand with studying in Australia for work, study, and living.

Australia also has a multi-cultural and friendly environment for immigrants with students coming from all over the world. Several premier colleges and universities are there for students to choose and apply. The government has also started a dedicated professional one year program for students in Information technology, engineering, and accounting that gives them an additional advantage by empowering them to work with a local company.

Students can consult about programs and courses with their duration before beginning their learning path in Australia for huge success ahead. The immigration path for Australian permanent residents (PR) also gives you more opportunities to benefit from the program and start to enjoy living in a developed country.

United States

United States (US) is one of the most developed nations with access to top technological architecture, laboratories, and methods to help students gain a more global perspective. Most of the top colleges and universities offer an international program and provide courses for global connectivity.

Most of the universities and colleges rank among the top in the world. And offer recognition to work anywhere in the world at their highest potential. Students also get access to numerous scholarships and merit-based schemes for their courses. Though visa restrictions have increased in the last few years. Still, student visa programs are easily accessible and prone to help you get adjusted with the current system.

Almost all streams are available for students. Students must have counseling sessions for choosing the right course and colleges for matching their skills, experience, preferences, and future expectations before embarking on a journey in the US.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another attractive option for Indian students to start their education abroad. The UK country has a well-established education system. Top colleges and universities have recognition all over the world and add more credibility for working in global companies.

The UK also boasts of a multi-cultural environment with students coming from all over the world. Colleges offer top-notch programs and courses for international students. Counselors can help them pinpoint a specific course and their application procedures. You can get more information about the scope and opportunities that come with each program. Students can apply to all undergraduate and postgraduate courses based on their skills, experience, and future ambitions. A safe and sound environment, student discount on healthcare, and several other facilities also make the UK the best choice for your foreign studies. High standards of quality are maintained throughout the colleges and universities. Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) provide ranking after every five years to give students ranking of top premier colleges in the country.

Overall, choosing the right country is just the start of your education curve. And you must carefully select after accessing all the situations, experience, and future goals for life. Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi play a crucial role in helping students in the selection and application process. As admission procedures start 6 months or a year before the beginning period. Students also need to apply for multiple programs to avoid losing a significant part of their life. And they must explore all the options before finalizing the one that suits their ideal with their skills and future expectations.